What is IP2SG?

IP2SG is your one-stop portal that facilitates online Singapore patents-related transactions and searches.

Basic Requirements for using IP2SG eServices

  1. Is it mandatory to register for an IP2SG eServices account ("Account")?

    No. The electronic filing system has been revamped. There are two online portals - the public portal and the customer portal. The public portal can be accessed without having to register or log in. The customer portal requires users to register first and after that, to log in so as to access the portal.

  2. What are the benefits of registering for an Account?

    Registering for an Account gives access to the customer portal, which has more functions than the public portal. For example, in the customer portal, a user will be able to track filing and payment details, and be able to send and receive correspondence via the Correspondence Module (eCommunications).

  3. Who is eligible to register for an Account?

    Anyone or any company can register for an Account. A Singapore address for service and a valid SingPass is needed to register for and to use an Account. There needs to be at least 1 user designated as an Administrator, duly authorised to manage and transact under the Account. Others, designated as Users, can be authorised to transact under the Account

  4. Is there an Account registration fee?

    No. Registration is free.

  5. How do I register for an Account?

    Registration can be done online here or manually.

    To register for an Account online, the business or body corporate must also have a valid Unique Entity Number ("UEN"). For the registration of individuals, and registration of businesses or bodies corporate without a valid UEN, please manually submit the registration form, which is available here to IPOS. IPOS will issue an entity code for Account registration.

  6. When will my Account be activated?

    For self-service online registration, your Account will be immediately activated on successful registration. For manual registration, 3 to 5 working days are required for an Account to be activated.

  7. Is a Netrust Certificate required for Account registration?


Changes to the Account and Password Reset

  1. How do I terminate a user or an Account?

    An Administrator can delete Users or other Administrators via the online administration function. To terminate the Account itself, a written notice needs to be sent to IPOS.

  2. What is the procedure for updating Account, Administrator or User information?

    Please refer to our user manual for details here.

  3. I have forgotten my SingPass password. What should I do?

    Please refer to the SingPass website for details here.

Hardware/ Software Requirements

  1. What are the recommended hardware / software requirements for the use of IP2SG eServices?

    To achieve a reasonable level of performance, please ensure you have the required hardware and software as set out on the IP2SG website here.

  2. What if I do not have the required hardware or software?

    IPOS has the appropriate computers available at its customer service area for public use. Please approach the service counter at our office should you need to make use of these computers.

Online Filing/ Submissions

  1. What type of Patents Forms can be filed on IP2SG?

    Details on the Patents Forms available at IP2SG may be found on the IP2SG website here.

  2. Should I make a paper copy submission after filing it electronically with IP2SG?

    No. Duplicate submissions on paper are not necessary. Doing so may cause confusion and delay the processing of your matter.

  3. What if the file size of my submission (e.g. of the patent specifications) exceeds the 100-megabyte (100MB) limit?

    In the event that the 100MB file size limit is exceeded:

    1. For Patents Forms 1, 12, 13, 14, 17, 37, 56 and Form CM4, the applicant can proceed to submit the electronic form online and follow up by submitting the document attachments via portable media.
    2. For other forms, the applicant can request the Registrar in writing to allow the hardcopy form and documents to be submitted with the assistance of the service bureau with a waiver of the service bureau fees.

  4. When can I file my patent application online?

    IPOS will accept online filings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, subject to availability of the server, which will be under maintenance from time to time.

  5. Do I need to file a cover letter with my electronic submission?

    A cover letter is not mandatory for electronic submissions. However, should you wish to provide us with additional information, a cover letter can be optionally attached to electronic submissions.

  6. How will I know that IPOS has received my electronic form submission?

    An online "Acknowledgment and Receipt" page will be generated and displayed after every submission. Applicants can print this page for record purposes. At the same time, an "Email Online Receipt", which is a summary of the completed transaction, is sent to the user via email. The technology involved in checking the completeness and integrity of your transmission is part of the standard protocols used for online transmissions.

  7. How will I know that IPOS has received my payment?

    After payment is made, a receipt page will be generated and displayed. Applicants can print this page for record purposes.

  8. How is the lodgement date accorded for an online submission?

    1. Where the Patents Forms and documents are submitted online, the lodgement date of the submissions is the day the electronic filing is completely and successfully received at IPOS, as shown on the "Acknowledgement and Receipt" page.
    2. Where the Patents Form and documents are sent on portable media, the lodgement date of the submission is the date the portable media is received by IPOS. Payment of the filing fee alone will not be sufficient to secure a filing date. Both the filing fee and the portable media containing the documents comprising the submission must be received by IPOS in order to secure a filing date.

  9. What is the Online Save Feature for Patents Forms?

    This feature is available for all Patents Forms. It allows you to save the details which you have keyed into the online Patents Forms on our server for a maximum of 30 days. You must complete the submission or resave the details before the end of the 30 days, or the details will be deleted. There is no limit on the number of electronic Patents Forms that each user can save.

  10. Why are the addresses of applicants not auto-populated when applicants are selected from an applicant dropdown list?

    In such cases, please manually enter the applicant's address first. Subsequently, when this same applicant is added again (i.e. with the same name and UEN/ Applicant Code), the applicant's address will be auto-populated by the system.

Preparation of Documents for Electronic Submission

  1. What file format must electronically-submitted documents be in?

    Applicants are only allowed to electronically submit documents in the Portable Document Format ("PDF"). Text-searchable PDF documents are recommended. Submitting information in PDF guarantees that information is identically represented in different environments and it also retains the integrity of the data.

  2. How should applicants prepare documents e.g. patent specifications before attaching them to the online Patent Forms?

    1. Ensure that all the documents are A4-sized.
    2. Separate the patents documents into three separate electronic files in PDF format:
      1. description with claims, or description without claims;
      2. drawings (if any); and
      3. abstract.
    3. In the PDF documents, do not activate any of the "locks" to prevent cutting and pasting text from the document, as our system may need to place your preferred drawing into the abstract if required.

  3. What are the recommended resolutions for electronic submission?

    It is recommended that the PDF documents should be scanned at a resolution of 200 dpi with the exception of drawings which should be scanned at a resolution of 300 dpi. All images should be saved as black and white images or grayscale images. You may wish to crop the images to reduce the surrounding white space.

Portable Media Submission to IPOS (for files which exceed 100MB)

  1. When should I use portable media?

    You will need to submit documents on portable media should the attachments to the Patents Forms exceed the 100MB limit for online submissions.

  2. What kind of portable media can I use?

    Currently, Compact Disc Recordable ("CD-R") and Digital Versatile Disc Recordable ("DVD-R") are accepted. Please note that submitted portable media is not returnable.

  3. What should I take note of when using portable media to submit documents?

    For the avoidance of doubt, note that a submission made on portable media is treated as received by the Registry in the same manner as the receipt by the Registry of submissions made by way of paper documents as provided in the Patents Rules. Portable media sent to the Registry must be prepared in accordance with the instructions below and must be accompanied by the receipt showing proof of payment for the relevant submissions, to be considered a properly prepared submission:

    1. All documents stored on each piece of portable media (i.e. CD-R or DVD-R) must relate to the same patent application.
    2. Each piece of portable media must be prepared as a single session data disc when storing the electronic files onto CD-R or DVD-R.
    3. Label each piece of portable media accordingly by applying a self-adhesive label to the portable media and ensure that the following details have been written in indelible ink or printed onto the label:
      1. Subject: IP2SG submission.
      2. Name of the IP2SG account holder.
      3. Names of the electronic files stored on the portable media.
      4. The e-filing reference number.
      5. The patent application number (where available).
      6. The applicant's own reference number (where available).
    4. After completing payment, print out two copies of the receipt. Keep one copy for your reference. With the other copy, detach the bottom portion and secure it to the outside of an envelope, and place the top portion into the envelope, with the media and any other documents which you need to submit in paper form. Ensure that the envelope is properly secured before sending it IPOS.
    5. All portable media containing the relevant documents accompanying the relevant form submitted to the Registry must be accompanied by payment or the receipt showing proof of payment for the relevant form, within a sealed envelope sent to the Registry by:
      1. posting the envelope with its contents to the Registry; or
      2. handing the envelope to the officers at the IPOS counter (during office hours); or
      3. dropping the envelope into the Patents Deposit Box (after office hours).

  4. What are the modes of payment available?

    The available payment modes are:

    1. eNETS Credit

      eNETS Credit is an online credit card payment gateway operated by Network For Electronic Transfers Singapore ("NETS"). Only MASTERCARD and VISA payment are acceptable.

    2. eNETS Direct Debit

      eNETS Direct Debit is an online payment mode which allows users with DBS/POSB, OCBC, UOB or Citibank Internet Banking accounts to make online payments by direct debit.

    3. Interbank GIRO

      For Interbank GIRO payment, please complete and submit a GIRO form to IPOS (available here).

      The activation of the GIRO account will take about a week depending on your bank's procedures. You will be notified by email when GIRO is activated.

Emergency Procedures

  1. What happens if I cannot make my submission or payment online because the website / system is unavailable?

    IPOS will endeavour to ensure that essential services continue with the least possible disruption or delay.

    In the event that any of the online facilities is rendered temporarily unavailable for an extended period of time, a message will be displayed on the relevant webpage. Under these circumstances, you are strongly encouraged to submit date-sensitive transactions by hand to our Registry counter. Please file a paper copy of your submission or the form (available here on the IPOS website).

    Please note that it remains your responsibility to ensure that deadlines are met. Unless otherwise notified, you should assume that the deadlines continue to apply. You are strongly encouraged to address important deadlines ahead of time to minimise the risk of affecting your interests or your clients' interests.

IPOS Facilities to Assist in Online Filing

  1. How will IPOS assist us if we do not have the necessary resources to do e-filing?

    1. Self Help Facilities

      There will be a computer workspace with a scanner, Adobe PDF Writer software and a CD-R Writer for conversion of paper documents into a digital format. The same terminal may also be used for electronic online and media submissions.

    2. Service Bureau

      A service bureau will be available to assist applicants in converting their paper documents to an electronic format. These paper documents will be scanned and submitted for applicants at a fee. Applicants will then be notified to collect their paper documents.

      In order to make use of the service bureau, please submit a Service Bureau Request Form (available here on the IPOS website) with your paper documents to the Registry counter or through the Patents Deposit Box with the relevant fees and service bureau surcharges.

    3. Patents Deposit Box

      A Patents Deposit Box will be available at IPOS' office to receive patent submissions after office hours.

      The Patents Deposit Box can be used for a variety of patents submissions:

      1. Media submissions (for forms that have to be submitted electronically);
      2. Paper submissions (for the Service Bureau's attention); and
      3. Paper submissions that do not have to be submitted electronically.

IP2SG Search Feature

    Kindly note that IPOS is not able to guarantee the accuracy of the search results. Please view the full terms, conditions and disclaimers of use on the IP2SG website.

  1. What types of searches are available on IP2SG?

    1. Simple Search.
    2. Advanced Search.
    3. Abstract & Specification Search.
    4. Journal Search.

    The whole list of searchable criteria can be found in the search interface here.

  2. What information is available in the Patent Register?

    The Patent Register contains basic bibliographic information, status information (e.g. events which have occurred) and renewal details. For applications filed after the commencement of the new legislation on 14 February 2014, entries on the register would be made only when the applications are published (i.e. when abstract published and the file is open for public inspection).

  3. What is a Patent Specification?

    Specification refers to the description, claims and drawings (if any) of the invention. An applicant is required to make full disclosure of his invention in the application (i.e. what it is and how it works). Specifications are only available for published applications and patents (i.e. open for public inspection), and would not be available for patent applications which are not published. Specifications would only be available after the data is converted and uploaded. The data availability will be specified on the website.

  4. Is information on patents filed outside Singapore available on the IP2SG website?

    No. The IP2SG database only contains information on Singapore patent applications and patents.

  5. How can I find out more about patent applications and patent-related procedures?

    Please visit the IPOS website for more information. Alternatively, you may submit your enquiry here.

  6. How long will it take for the IP2SG database to be updated with information from online submissions?

    The IP2SG database will be updated with this information on the same day the online submissions are successfully made.

  7. Do I need to be a registered user to perform patent searches and/or download published patent information?

    No. You do not have to be a registered user to access these services. Use of the search engine and the downloading of published patent information (i.e. published patent specifications and patent register and renewal details) are also free services.

  8. Is it possible to obtain the specification of a particular patent before it is available online?

    You may submit Form CM10 to IPOS to request for a copy of the specification or a Patents Form 44 to request for information on a particular application. Please note that if you file a paper copy of the form, the Service Bureau charges will apply. Alternatively, you may file the forms online as a registered user.

eJournals & Downloads

  1. What software should I use to view the Patents eJournal?

    Adobe Acrobat Reader version 4.0 or above is needed to view the Patents eJournal.

  2. How long will each issue of the eJournal be available online?

    Each issue of the Journal will be online for three months.

  3. How much does it cost to download the eJournal?

    The eJournal can be downloaded free of charge.

  4. How do I obtain past issues of the Patents eJournal?

    To obtain copies of past issues, please contact us here. Copies of past issues are only available on CD-R, charged at $10 for Journal A and $36 for Journal B.

Correspondence Module (eCommunications)

  1. What is the correspondence module?

    The correspondence module is the part of the customer portal that handles correspondence. This module will be used to send and receive correspondence to and from IPOS electronically. It will replace sending and receiving of correspondence to and from IPOS via fax and/or post. Only IP2SG account holders will have access to this module.

  2. What is the disk space allocated for the correspondence module?

    20GB of disk space is allocated to the correspondence module of each IP2SG account. All users under one IP2SG account will have a combined disk space of 20GB. If more space is needed, please contact IPOS.

  3. Will the archive folder take up disk space?

    Yes, the archive folder will take up disk space. It is advisable to do regular housekeeping to free up disk space.

  4. Can we retrieve correspondence that are deleted?

    No, it is not possible to retrieve correspondence that are deleted. There is a system check that correspondence has been downloaded before the system allows the user to delete correspondence. Please ensure that you have also created a back-up of the downloaded correspondence.

  5. What are the roles that can be allocated to the users of the correspondence module?

    Depending on the responsibilities of the users, different roles can be assigned to them. The following are the roles available for users of the correspondence module.

    1. Send Correspondence - The user can reply to correspondence and send ad-hoc correspondence.
    2. Download Correspondence - The user can download correspondence.
    3. Move Correspondence - The user can move correspondence from one folder to another.
    4. Assign Correspondence - The user can assign correspondence from one user to another.
    5. Archive Correspondence - The user can route correspondence from other folders to the archive folder.
    6. Delete Correspondence - The user can delete correspondence from the correspondence module.
    7. Correspondence Admin - The user is able to perform all the above functions. In addition to the above, the user also has access to the "Manage Correspondence" function which allows him to :
      1. change settings related to the correspondence module;
      2. create folders; and
      3. access the correspondence audit trail.

  6. What are the recommended minimum roles that need to be assigned to a user who will regularly send and receive correspondence?

    The following are the roles:

    1. Send Correspondence.
    2. Download Correspondence.
    3. Move Correspondence.

  7. Is there a limit to the number of folders that can be created?

    100 folders can be created per IP2SG account.

  8. Will there be a list of correspondence sent to and received from IPOS?

    A summary of the correspondence that a user sent to and received from IPOS will be sent by email to the user's email address at the end of the day.

    The email address is a mandatory field in the user's account details. This end-of-day correspondence summary email is outside the customer portal.

  9. What happens to the correspondence when a user leaves a firm?

    All the correspondence can be assigned to another user. Please note that a user account can be terminated only after all correspondence have been reassigned to another user.

  10. What happens to a user's draft correspondence when he or she is on leave?

    The draft can be assigned to another user. Correspondence Admin will be able to view drafts created by users and assign the drafts to other users.

  11. Is "message" a mandatory field while drafting a correspondence?

    It is mandatory to enter a message only if there are no attachments.

  12. How do we mass delete correspondence?

    Users who are assigned the "Delete Correspondence" role can mass delete correspondence. Correspondence can be deleted only if they have been downloaded.
    correspondence that are downloaded will have this icon -> under the status.

    Users who are not assigned the "Delete Correspondence" role should move correspondence that need to be deleted to a designated folder. It is recommended to assign the "Move Correspondence" role to users who will regularly use the correspondence module. The correspondence can then be assigned to a user who is assigned the "Delete Correspondence" role for deletion. Please note that for any correspondence that has been assigned to another user for deletion, the correspondence needs to be downloaded before it can be deleted.